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Medical X-ray film inkjet thermal printer laser printer other with printer supplies

Product Description

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Product number
Print type
ink jet
Network printing
Does not support network printing
Interface Type
Power supply
AC 100~240V, 50/60HZ
input power
media type
Blue or transparent PET substrate film
Medium size is small
The maximum printable film size is: 13*17
Printable size
8*10, 10*12, 11*14, 13*17, A4, A3
Printing accuracy
printing speed
0.5~3.6 minutes
First page printing speed
13*17 inch first print time 195 seconds
Printing speed for other pages
13*17 inch continuous printing 22 sheets/hour, 8*10 inch small continuous printing 160 sheets/hour
First page printing speed
13*17 inch first print time 195 seconds
Communication Interface
Data interface: DICOM protocol data format
Scope of application
Used to make the film produce X-ray images
Products Description
The main function:1. The medical inkjet film uses high-quality PET film base as the base material, with good printing permeability, bright colors, high image resolution, and good anti-light and anti-aging properties.2. The medical inkjet film with blue PET film base is suitable for film viewer: for film reading diagnosis, mainly printing black and white images, and the packaging method is looseleaf type.3. The medical inkjet film with white PET film base is suitable for film viewing with film viewer and ordinary film. It mainlyprints color images, and the packaging method is mainly loose leaf type. Scope of use:
Used to make the film produce X-ray images. (Ordinary X-ray machine (CR machine, DR machine), tomography (CT), nuclear magnetic resonance (MRI), gastrointestinal machine (DSA), computerized radiography (CR), multi-function X-ray machine (DSA).

Advantage:1. HD resolution 9600X2400dpi.2. Adopt PE pipeline and intelligent ink supply system to maximize the output image restoration.
3. The consumables use new special medical ink and environmentally friendly inkjet blue-based film to make the output image more lifelike, with obvious grayscale and lasting storage time.
4. The ink supply system adopts intelligent and humanized early warning equipment, which effectively prevents damage to the print head and poor film effect caused by continuous operation of the equipment without ink.
5. The ink supply system is integrated with the core printing system to reduce labor costs.
Details Images Application Configuration Company Profile Weifang Huading Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Newheek) is a professional medical equipment supplier integrating R&D and sales of medical equipment, focusing on the field of radiology medical equipment for 22 years. We have established partnerships with dozens of countries around the world. The main products are: x ray hand switch, foot switch, x ray chest bucky stand, x ray mobile radiography table, x ray image intensifier TV system, high voltage power supply, high voltage cable, collimator, U-arm, portable X Ray Device, mobile DR etc x ray machine machine and components. Newheek is constantly improving and innovating to provide customers with better products and services. FAQ Q1. What is our main product?
A1: We are the original manufacturer of X- ray machine and accessories for more than 16 years. Our main products are Bucky Stand , Mobile X-ray Table , Mobile X-ray machine, X-ray Detector, Exposure Hand Switch , etc.

Q2. What is the Payment Method ?
A2: We could accept payment by TT, Western Union, Visa Credit Card, etc.

Q3. How long is the Lead Time?
A3: Within 15 workdays for X-ray machine accessories after receipt of payment.

Q4. Can our products be customized?
A4: If our product specifications can not meet your needs, we can also customize products for you.We accept OEM or ODM items. We could print your logo during production.

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